Ebook - Faking the O

EBook Faking the O

We’ve all entered the dating world, we’ve all thought we found the one, and we’ve all nursed ourselves after a heart break with ice cream and romantic comedies on a lonely Saturday night. Faking the O by Jenna Leigh is a nonfiction guidebook, primarily targeted for women. Using her personal experiences she has given insight on the unspoken rules of the dating world. The etiquette of dating has been explained ,as well as the kind of men a woman could encounter.

She provides first hand experiences of the kind of men she has encountered, their qualities and traits, and goes on to explain how each and everyone has affected her. This work of Jenna Leigh also contains poems written by her and she relays her emotions about love and loss. It can serve as a book of support for women who are tired of being strung along by men as well as those who have gone through a long-term relationship. She provides sound advice on dealing with all kinds of men and relationships.

Each chapter is dedicated to one aspect of a relationship and the book follows an orderly sequence until the end. Overall this is a lighthearted read containing pictures with quotes, jokes, and meanings of modern terms used in relationships. Highly recommend it to all modern women out there in search of someone special. Cheers!